Sunday, July 18, 2010

Recent additions to our Aviaries

Last month we went to the Avicultural Society bird sale in Ararat in country Victoria. We came home with one canary, two Charcoal zebra finches and a blue male budgie. We've also had some babies hatching, and others due to hatch soon. Here are some photos:

At the top, two Charcoal zebra finches. Lower perch, the three canaries. From left: original female, on the right is the new female (darker than the other two) and behind her is the male.

We have 14 budgies now, but it is impossible to get a photo of them all together as they flit around the aviary so fast! This pic shows a good selection of the colours we have.

Like the budgies, the Gouldian finches are very flighty, but I was able to snap our little family on one perch. From left, the baby from the first clutch, the father, the baby from the second clutch, and the mother. Three babies fledged from each clutch, but two out of the three were killed by butcher birds, so Ken has put heavy plastic across the front of the aviaries now, so birds outside can't peck through the wire to get to the finches. We won't know what sex the babies are until they colour up, in about a year's time.

Ken bought a pair of Silver Quail about a month ago, and the female laid eggs within a fortnight!
Mum sitting on her eggs.
Dad watching over her.

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  1. Wow great photos, love the Quail!