Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lots happening in the aviaries this year.

It's been a few months since I last posted anything but that doesn't mean life has come to a standstill in our aviaries.  Far from it in fact!   We haven't let the hens hatch any more chickens, although with the rooster in firm control of his six girls, there would have been lots of chickens!  But we take all the eggs from them the same day as they are laid, so there is no chance of them hatching.  Seven chooks are enough at the moment while we don't have a proper chicken coop for them.  The finch aviary is very safe and weatherproof, and fine at night while they are roosting, or sitting on eggs in the nest boxes, but during the day we let them out to free range over the back yard, even though they make a mess.  They are much happier out there than being cooped up in the aviary all day.

The canaries have had only one baby grow to maturity in spite of several lots of eggs.  The Gouldian finches haven't stopped breeding all year round; in fact Ken removes the eggs from the nest boxes now and then, just to give the females a break from sitting and looking after young ones.  For a time, many of the finches didn't seem to be recovering from their moult - the feathers on and around their head and neck weren't growing at all, and Ken finally took one to a specialist bird vet in Scoresby, a few miles from us.  The vet examined the finch thoroughly and said he was perfectly healthy, and his feathers would grow back eventually.  He sold Ken some vitamin mix to put in the finches' drinking water, which he did as soon as he got home, and within a month, all the finches had fully developed coloured feathers and they are all looking stunningly beautiful.

The Quails have also been busy, one mother in particular is a very good mother indeed.  She and her mate are very protective of their babies as soon as they hatch, and most of her broods live to maturity, whereas the quail hens in the other aviaries aren't quite so maternal, so they usually lose most of their brood after a few weeks, because they die of hunger or cold.  These baby silver quail hatched today and are just perfect!
In the first pic below, they all went under Mum as soon as I stepped into the aviary to take photos.

Mum got scared though, and hopped over the divider, leaving her chicks to follow.
Which they did.  Even at 24 hours old, they can jump up over this divider, although we have some brick pieces  at the other end, where the chickens ended up going, as it was easier for them to clamber over the bricks than jump over the divider.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Plovers in Diamond Creek, Vic.

We were visiting friends in Diamond Creek last week, and heard a commotion outside. Our friends said their cat must have disturbed the Plovers, who have built their nest on the flat roof. They said there are babies somewhere because they can hear them cheeping, but haven't been able to find them. I went outside with my camera to take some photos and the Plovers became very agitated, so I figured their babies must be fairly close.

I moved around the yard until I could hear cheeping on the other side of a fence. When I leaned over the fence, one of the adult plovers flew up at me, so I ducked back, and when it was back on the roof I had another peep over the fence and saw one chick. Staying very still but still visible.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

More quails!

The last time I posted here, I said that Ken had trouble breeding these little birds in the past.  Well, he must have got a winner with this little hen - she is the same one who had the chickens back in March this year.  She has been sitting on 9 eggs, and two weeks ago, five of them hatched and are still alive and healthy.   She is such a good little mother - even though they are twice the size they were when they hatched, she can still fit them all under her wings when they run to her for warmth and protection.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Newly hatched Quail chicks and other photos.

Ken hasn't had much luck with breeding quails in the past, but he is fond of these miniature hens, so he's been buying a few pairs in the hope that they will produce babies.  One pair has finally come good!  The hen laid about ten eggs! but only two hatched, which is probably just as well because with the onset of winter, she would never be able to feed and keep them all warm.  They are SOOOO tiny and cute!  If you think they look small in these photos, you should have seen them a week ago - they were about half the size!

We let the Rhode Island bantams out for a bit of free ranging in the yard today.

Only one of our hens is anywhere near tame and will let us pick her up for a cuddle.  This black and white Sussex hen who is the mother of the one bantam chicken we have at the moment.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

A new chicken, now two week old.

Our friend Matt gave us three eggs from his Rhode Island hens, to vary the bloodlines in our chooks. Our white hen was clucky so we put them under her to hatch. Only one hatched out, and he is doing very well. Such a busy little chicken, running around after his Mum while she teaches him how to feed and drink. For the first week we could hardly go near them; she is a very good mother and she flew at us every time we entered the aviary. I had difficulty getting the photos, because she kept trying to shield her baby from me!
In the second photo you can see his little legs behind her head.  The last photo was taken when Ken was able to catch the chicken for a closer look.  He cheeped long and loud, and the mother hen was very anxious until Ken put the chick back with her!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Chooks

We've had many changes in the Chook family since I last posted about them here! Ken sold nearly all the bantams we had since they were chickens, and invested in some pure stock Rhode Island Red bantams. While they aren't as big as the ordinary hens, they are bigger than our previous bantams. We've got one Rooster named Ralph, two hens, and three chickens who have grown so fast I barely had time to snap them as babies!
 Here they are at a week or so old.  So cute!
I love this one peeping out from under Mum's wing!  She was not happy with me hanging around for her babies to show themselves!

A few months later....they grow so fast!  This photo shows them with their Dad. One of the chickens is a lighter colour and we suspect it may be a New Hampshire that must be in it's family tree somewhere.

Gouldian and Emblema Finches

I haven't been posting any updates of our Gouldian flock lately, but they are still breeding well. We lose some now and then; one or two have escaped from the aviary as Ken or I have been going in and out of the doors. And a few have been killed by Butcher birds who mesmerise the young ones to the front of the aviary where they cling to the wire, enabling the predator to stab the little ones. Ugh...not nice to find little bodies on the floor. Now we have put an artificial owl up on the roof of the aviaries and so far it seems to scare the bigger birds away. Here are three Emblemas (also known as Firetail Finches) at the waterbowl.

 Some photos of the young birds that have just coloured up this year. We have been doing well with the white breasted Gouldians - aren't they pretty?