Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gouldian Finches, and Rhode Island Red chickens.

We 'adopted' some fertile eggs from a friend who breeds various kinds of chooks, and two Rhode Island Red chickens hatched out a month ago.  We think we have a rooster and a hen.  Foster Mum is a Columbian, although you'd never know from this angle!

Our flock of juvenile (under 12 months old) Gouldians are very healthy, and their colours are coming through now.

The bird with the white chest at the top left is a mutation. Some people deliberately breed Gouldians like this, but we didn't. The parent bird may have come from a breeder that had some white-chested birds in his aviaries.
The other two on the top perch look like they will be females, as their colours are muted compared to the males. The bird on the bottom perch at the right is from the last lot to hatch and is still too young to be showing any colours.

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