Saturday, June 23, 2012

Roger The Rooster and his Hens

Okay, so these aren't native Australian birds, but they are still in our back yard!  Roger is a young Wyandotte rooster. 

These two are Rhode Island Red hens.  We hatched them from eggs that were given to us by a chook breeding friend.  They always hang around together, so cute!
The white hen is a Columbian.  Not a good angle, but it's hard to photograph the chooks, they are always on the move, especially when they see us stalking them with our cameras!

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  1. Don't you just love chooks!!! I miss having them, especially when I have to use 'bought eggs'. My grand daughter's rooster is called Ronald, and I believe he's rather proud of his kingdom. We used to have silver laced Wyandotte's, such pretty ones they were. As I type this I can see a pale headed rosella drinking at the water station, being rather bossy toward two pesky minors!! Take care.