Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Birds in Backyards experiment finished.

C has been busy, driving across Melbourne in the freezing early hours, just to put seed out on the dishes that he supplied, in our front yard!  He sat and observed the birds twice, for the last time this morning, and he was accompanied by a friend who took some photos.  Fortunately it was not raining or foggy, but still very cold, so I took a hot cup of tea outside for him about 8.30 am.  Our resident birds were most unco-operative this morning; they must have all slept in, because the only ones to make an appearance at first were the Bronzewing pigeons, followed by two Galahs at about 9 am.  There were a couple of other birds up in the trees, but they didn't show themselves.  What a shame that C didn't come yesterday - a pair of King Parrots came down to his dish and spent quite a while feeding.  I was able to get some photos - not as clear as I would like; I'm still getting used to my new camera.

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