Saturday, June 23, 2012

Roger The Rooster and his Hens

Okay, so these aren't native Australian birds, but they are still in our back yard!  Roger is a young Wyandotte rooster. 

These two are Rhode Island Red hens.  We hatched them from eggs that were given to us by a chook breeding friend.  They always hang around together, so cute!
The white hen is a Columbian.  Not a good angle, but it's hard to photograph the chooks, they are always on the move, especially when they see us stalking them with our cameras!

Little Corellas

Little Corellas come into our yard now and then. There are flocks of them around here most of the time, and I guess they have a multitude of back yards to choose from to find food, either in the trees or put out for them by humans. I have a new camera, so I took these photos with it through the tinted window that looks out onto our front porch. My old camera didn't do a very good job, but I'm quite pleased with these photos.