Friday, February 27, 2015

Bird happenings so far this year.

The six chooks and their rooster have made themselves at home in the new chook house and are producing three to five eggs a day -  double what they did when they lived in an aviary.  Ken is planning to buy six more hens in March, from a friend who breeds Wyandottes and Silver lace chickens.

He has bought another Princess Parrot to keep the first one company.  We were told the first one was a female so we called her Polly, but after a few months it became obvious that Polly was a Wally, so Ken got a female to keep him company, and her name is Wilma.

Last night he came home from the Avicultural Society meeting with a pair of three year old Cockatiels.  He's always liked them but never owned one, so he's happy to have a breeding pair.
Here are the cockatiels:

These are four immature Gouldian finches, just fledged from their nest and flying around, but still sticking together when they are resting or going to sleep!

Wally and Wilma, the Princess Parrots.

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