Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Eastern Rosellas visiting our back yard.

There have always been Eastern Rosellas in the trees around our area, but they are very flighty, and don't often come down to the feeders on our front verandah. But when we had our front yard landscaped recently, we took an old feeding station down and put it in the back yard. We hadn't got around to putting it on a pole, so Ken simply parked the 'house' in the branches of a leafy tree outside the kitchen window. A pair of King Parrots were the first to discover it, and have been visiting most days since we started putting seed out.

The Galahs and Corellas have also noticed it, but they seem to prefer the front verandah, which suits us, as we like to see the Rosellas and King Parrots, and they won't come down if the bigger cockatoos are on the feeder.  The Rainbow Lorikeets alternate between the back yard and front yard!
Here are the Eastern Rosellas - lots of photos because I just couldn't stop at one picture of these beautiful birds.  The bird house had fallen from the tree one day, so we parked it on top of the compost bin, but the Rosellas didn't seem to mind!

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