Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September bird news.

Spring is here, and with it comes the urge to mate. Our Silver Quails have laid five eggs, and the female is sitting on them all the time, which is a good sign. Her first clutch wasn't successful, as she laid them too early in the season, and it was too cold. Despite bringing the only surviving baby inside, he eventually died, so we are hoping now that winter is over, she will successfully rear this clutch.

The budgies have been laying eggs all over the floor of their aviary because there are no nest boxes in there. Ken doesn't want them to mate, because they are all brothers and sisters, except for the father of all of them, and two males that he bought a while ago. He intends to put those two unrelated males into a separate aviary with some of the females, but hasn't got around to it.

The new pair of Gouldian finches he bought a month ago have bonded, and are sitting on eggs, as are the original pair. So we are hoping for a new little flock in a few weeks. The first pair of babies are still in the adjoining aviary, with an unrelated male Gouldian, which Ken hopes to pair up with one of them, if they are females. Here is one of the males sitting outside his nest box waiting for the female to emerge so he can take his place minding their eggs.

The Zebra Finches as usual have eggs all over the place. Not just in the five nests we supplied them, but they pick up all the grasses and leaves on the floor and make new nests in feeding baskets and wherever else they can find a spot! This one has build hers in a little wire basket meant to hold seeding grasses for them to eat!

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