Thursday, November 4, 2010

Early November in the aviaries.

The Zebra Finches seem to breed all year round, but we don't usually see them this small. The mother made a nest in a feeding basket (the white things are cuttlefish), so her babies were hatched out in the open instead of in their usual nestboxes.

The Ménage à trois canary family are busy. We have one male and two females, one of which has just hatched five babies. One baby fell out of the nest and didn't survive, but the other four appear to be doing well.

Ken finally put two nest boxes in the budgies' aviary, and they have been excitedly checking them out ever since. There are nine eggs in one, but we have no idea who the mother is, as several budgies go in and out of there all the time!

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  1. Hi Gina,

    Oh no!! It's me again!!! I'll keep it
    short this time ... I promise.

    When I was a kid (back in the Jurassic
    period) we had a Canary as a pet and I
    always loved to hear it sing. It use
    to love it's bath time during my lunch
    hour and would splash water everywhere
    in it's enthusiasm. Since it's cage
    was right next to the kitchen table
    we'd sometimes get a free shower thanks
    to that silly bird.

    How exciting!! Baby Canaries and baby
    Budgies and baby Finches. Wish I could
    be there to watch them mature. It must
    be fascinating to see.

    The Budgies are beautiful with their
    colorful feathers. What an incredible
    range of colors there are in that picture.
    That blue one is spectacular!!

    Thanks for the update, and for your
    comments after my "epic" comment
    yesterday. What can I say? We
    haven't had a chance to "visit" for
    a long time now. Good thing I didn't
    start commenting on all your posts
    starting from June when my computer
    first crapped out, eh?