Sunday, April 28, 2013

Newly hatched Quail chicks and other photos.

Ken hasn't had much luck with breeding quails in the past, but he is fond of these miniature hens, so he's been buying a few pairs in the hope that they will produce babies.  One pair has finally come good!  The hen laid about ten eggs! but only two hatched, which is probably just as well because with the onset of winter, she would never be able to feed and keep them all warm.  They are SOOOO tiny and cute!  If you think they look small in these photos, you should have seen them a week ago - they were about half the size!

We let the Rhode Island bantams out for a bit of free ranging in the yard today.

Only one of our hens is anywhere near tame and will let us pick her up for a cuddle.  This black and white Sussex hen who is the mother of the one bantam chicken we have at the moment.

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