Sunday, March 31, 2013

A new chicken, now two week old.

Our friend Matt gave us three eggs from his Rhode Island hens, to vary the bloodlines in our chooks. Our white hen was clucky so we put them under her to hatch. Only one hatched out, and he is doing very well. Such a busy little chicken, running around after his Mum while she teaches him how to feed and drink. For the first week we could hardly go near them; she is a very good mother and she flew at us every time we entered the aviary. I had difficulty getting the photos, because she kept trying to shield her baby from me!
In the second photo you can see his little legs behind her head.  The last photo was taken when Ken was able to catch the chicken for a closer look.  He cheeped long and loud, and the mother hen was very anxious until Ken put the chick back with her!

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