Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pink and Grey Galahs, August.

Galahs have always been around here, but now there are so many more than before the fires. These visit us every day in the late afternoon, looking for a snack before flying off elsewhere to roost for the night. We buy 5 kg bags of wild bird seed from the local seed and grain store, and it lasts about a week!


  1. Gina-what a lucky woman you are to have such beautiful birds frequent your yard. It looks like paradise! My husband and I hope to visit your part of the world at least once before the Lord calls us home.
    I haven't had a chance to read through your entire blog, but I look forward to doing so. Thanks for visiting mine. Yes, our coops are a little fancier than some. I tend to be a bit particular and my husband is a great enabler. Believe it or not, we are planning on building at least one more coop, but a smaller one, that we can use to raise bantam babies and keep them from mixing breeds. DH tells me I deserve to have a hobby and it's nice to have one that comes with fresh eggs for his breakfast and to carry in his lunch.
    Our older girls were sold to us as pure bred, but I suspect they aren't. They are 3 black sex links, 1 buff orpington and 1 barred plymouth rock. Our 2 white leghorns stay in the coop with them since they are larger and more able to fend for themselves against the older girls. We put our bantams in the older, smaller coop. They include a pair of blue/greys that are either Old English Game Birds or Dutch Blues, which may be the same thing, but I don't know yet. They are really tiny (the size of doves)sweet and precious. 2 silver laced bantam cochin hens, 1 hen that we are still trying to figure out what breed and 1 mottled bantam cochin rooster. I get a lot of enjoyment out of watching them and caring for them. I think my husband enjoys them at least as much as I do.
    Thanks again for visiting my blog. The windows are to be delivered to our house tomorrow and will be installed on Saturday morning. I'll have lots of pictures.

  2. lovely galahs! i see them quite often here in Macleod as well, but no one here has a plateful of seed for them. they find their own food i guess! how nice to live in the bush. i wish i could too in future.

  3. Your blogs are so special. The many species of birds you get to enjoy are wonderful!