Friday, August 28, 2009

Colourful parrots.

I notice that this blog is receiving many hits from overseas readers, so I've decided to include more of the birds that frequent our garden. These three photos are of Rainbow Lorikeets, which have become quite common in Melbourne suburban gardens in recent years, due to people realising that if they grow more native trees and shrubs in their gardens, and less exotic plants, they will attract more native birds and insects.

This one is an Eastern Rosella. Unfortunately the colour is a bit 'off', as my husband took this through a tinted window. These birds are prone to be flighty, and will fly off immediately they realise a person is coming too close to them.


  1. I cannot even imagine seeing birds like this in my back yard! They are only seen in pet shops or zoos. Wow, that is a nice addition to your yard.

  2. I think most Australians realise now how lucky we are to have such colourful native birds here. More and more people are planting native vegetation to encourage the birds to live in their gardens, which is a change from 50 years ago when I was a kid. People were still trying to turn urban Australia into Little England with exotic plants!