Thursday, August 13, 2009

Today it was the Corellas' turn.

There must have been at least 40 of these birds in our front yard today. Most of the large cockatoo species do travel in flocks, but I've not seen so many in the suburbs all at once in one garden! The galahs and lorikeets didn't stand a chance of getting some food, while these guys were here. They screeched and squabbled and made such a mess, tipping over the water dish, scattering seed all over the verandah and steps. When Ken arrived home, he looked at the mess and said it looked like World War 3 of The Birds had hit our place!

This one stayed still long enough for me to get a closeup. He's all wet because it was raining.
This one is sliding down the handrail; many of our visiting birds do this! They seem to enjoy it because they start at the top and slide down about half way before taking flight to start at the top again! Sometimes they'll claw their way to the top, slipping back a bit with each step - so cute to watch.


  1. They're beautiful! And so many of them, too. What a thrill to have them feeding your your backyard. Woooh!
    Patricia :o)

  2. Gorgeous!!! Such a white flock of beauty.