Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Ken checked the Gouldians' nest box on Sunday and was delighted to discover that two eggs have hatched! The little parents have been very good, taking turns to sit on their eggs, so we are crossing our fingers that a few babies survive into adults and we can have a a little colony of Gouldians. I finally managed to get a decent photo of the female (below). As you can see, her colours are muted compared to the male, but she is still very pretty.

Classic Aviaries in Eltham is where Ken has been buying and selling his budgies and finches, and last week they had some Charcoal Zebra finches, which we hadn't seen before. As Ken had a dozen Cinnamon Zebras, he asked Kathy if she would swap four Charcoals for six Cinnamons, and she was happy to do so.
In this picture you can clearly see the difference between the three Cinnamon and four Charcoal finches. The yellow bird is a canary which insisted on getting in on the act every time I tried to photograph the finches!

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  1. Hi!
    My name is Luís and I'm a Zebra Finch breeder from Portugal so I have to comment your blog because of the Charcoal Zebras that you have. In my country that mutation don´t exist yet, but a very similar mutation exists and it's call "Eumo" and have a particularity that is the wings feathers don't allow the birds to fly very well. The Charcoal have the same problem? Congratulations and good luck with your birds ;)