Sunday, March 14, 2010

Good day for the birds.

Today (Saturday) was a perfect Autumn day - such a contrast to one week ago when Melbourne was being pelted with hail and rain. I took my camera up to the Gouldian Finches' aviary to try for a clearer photo than my first effort. The first pic was taken outside the wire, but I stepped inside the enclosure for the second one. Next time I'll try for a pic of the female. She is busy in their nest box most of the time now, but she does come out for a breather, while the male bird takes her place.

A flock of Galahs (I counted 14) came to visit.

It didn't take long before some passing Corellas heard the fuss and came to investigate the possibility of a feed. There wasn't much left, so I put some more seed out, despite objections from Ken. "The Galahs are bad enough, but the Corellas are chewing the house to bits, and I wish you wouldn't encourage them!" he said.


  1. Hi Gina!

    Thank you for checking out my blog and leaving those great comments. I may be exaggerating a tiiiiiiny bit when I talk about be afraid of your nutty weather, spiders, etc. but I'd be willing to be something odd will happen while I'm there for a year. :) I am sooo super excited to be in Australia though and it makes me even more excited when I hear from nice people like you. I haven't looked at all of your blogs yet, but of course I was attracted to this one first since I love, love, love the birds! Those Kookaburras are just adorable. and I can't believe they come to so close to you. Anyway, I would love to keep in touch..and thanks again for reading. :)

    Phoebe (

  2. Oh, also, you have definitely seen more of the United States than I have. You could probably teach me a thing or two about not only Australia, but also those states out there in the middle of my own country. :) I'm jealous!

  3. hehe, i reckon i'd put out more seed to if i were you! they're just so fun to watch.