Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Great news!

Our pair of Gouldians are obviously head over heels in love.
Within days of Ken installing a nest box in their aviary, they were investigating it, and carrying tiny twigs and bits of grass inside to build a nest. They now have 8 eggs! Our Zebra Finches breed like little rabbits - always in their nests laying eggs, and hatching babies within weeks, but we didn't think the Gouldians would be so quick. Well, they are all finches, so I guess that's the way they breed.

This time last year, we were overrun with Kookaburras, Corellas, Galahs, and many other species of birds after the Victorian bushfires. It would seem that they have all gone back to where they came from, if regeneration is happening, or have found other areas to nest and feed. We get an occasional kookaburra returning to sit on the clothesline and wait until I come out with a piece of steak. The Corellas land in force for a week or so, then disappear to other places. They eat all the wild bird seed I put out, leaving nothing for other birds, then they start on window frames, stair rails, or anything else made of timber that they can chew on.
The galahs come regularly, but not daily, and also eat all the seed out unless the Corellas have got there first. The galahs are not quite as destructive; just as well, otherwise there would not be much left of our house!

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