Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gouldian and Emblema Finches

I haven't been posting any updates of our Gouldian flock lately, but they are still breeding well. We lose some now and then; one or two have escaped from the aviary as Ken or I have been going in and out of the doors. And a few have been killed by Butcher birds who mesmerise the young ones to the front of the aviary where they cling to the wire, enabling the predator to stab the little ones. Ugh...not nice to find little bodies on the floor. Now we have put an artificial owl up on the roof of the aviaries and so far it seems to scare the bigger birds away. Here are three Emblemas (also known as Firetail Finches) at the waterbowl.

 Some photos of the young birds that have just coloured up this year. We have been doing well with the white breasted Gouldians - aren't they pretty?

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  1. Gina, those birds are beautiful, you must be very bird knowledgeable, I had 9 Canaries but sadly lost 5 in the past week, no idea why, devastated.