Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Chooks

We've had many changes in the Chook family since I last posted about them here! Ken sold nearly all the bantams we had since they were chickens, and invested in some pure stock Rhode Island Red bantams. While they aren't as big as the ordinary hens, they are bigger than our previous bantams. We've got one Rooster named Ralph, two hens, and three chickens who have grown so fast I barely had time to snap them as babies!
 Here they are at a week or so old.  So cute!
I love this one peeping out from under Mum's wing!  She was not happy with me hanging around for her babies to show themselves!

A few months later....they grow so fast!  This photo shows them with their Dad. One of the chickens is a lighter colour and we suspect it may be a New Hampshire that must be in it's family tree somewhere.

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  1. Gina;
    These are great! I'm so missing Spring - these helped make my day. Today we have rain and snow mixed in. Hard to believe Spring is March 21st. :)